Are you ready to have an adventure of a life time?

Only your grit and courage are required to meet new challenges in this outdoor exploration. Rough Riders Adventures provides you an all inclusive experience accompanied by a knowledgeable team to maximize your experience and minimize your planning!

This mountain adventure will take you off road through the terrain giving you a chance to sight see the wonders in nature and explore some of the hidden treasures in America's small towns. Your team of professionals will have campsites set up along the way; away from any distractions from our busy world, you will have the opportunity to take in your day's exploration. While you settle and rest after a long day of riding our team will prepare and provide you with a hardy meal refueling you for another exciting day of adventure. The skills acquired throughout your adventures will leave cherished memories, that will last for a life time.

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Theodore Rosevelt National Park

Off-road imagery is often used for commercializing vehicles and highlighting the newest features. Having grown up in Florida with our flat terrain, these appealed to me differently and awakened a sense of adventure. My first off-road trip was a route that took us 600 miles through the wilderness from a small town in norther New Mexico, through Colorado, and ending in National Forest, Wyoming. Once we realized the thorough planning required and skills ranging from basic outdoor living and cooking to map reading, knowledge of the outdoors, and even more complex mechanical and medical knowledge we gathered our skillset and took a whole year to ensure we could execute the trip with minimal mishaps and maximal enjoyment. The time, money, sweat and tears in the process were worth every minute! For those with the gritty adventurous spirit and the courage to step out of their comfort zone, I have created Rough Riders Adventures, so they too may share and grow from this outdoor wonderful challenge.

Landscape Photography of Desert

The start of the shadow of Rockies

Exploring near Rifle CO.


Q: do I need to know how to ride a motorcycle?

A: yes, but only at beginner level.

Q: what kind of bike will I be provided?

A: Dirt bike.

Q: can i drink alcohol on the trip?

A: yes, but not will riding, beverages will be provided at camp site.

Q: how old do i have to be?

A: 16 years of age if accompanied by adult

How it works

Once you decide to take the trip of your life time you will receive a detailed packing list. To ensure your packing list meets your needs and does not exceed the limited space in the chase truck, you will also be sent a personalized duffel bag to your home and will only be allowed to bring the provided duffel bag on the route. Let's challenge the minimalist packer in you!

You will be provided the exact starting point and will be responsible for your own transport there at the starting point of the designed route. To ensure your safety and maximize your adventure, once there, you will be required to show proficiency on the bike with a small course; this will allow you to become acquainted with your vessel and will allow your team of professionals to demonstrate a few additional, useful functions of your equipment. Once cleared, the adventure begins!

Though the terrain may progressively challenge your skills, don't worry we will be there to give you pointers along the way. Despite our love for the outdoors, we are not savages you know! So camping tents will be set up at reasonable stopping points where you'll have the opportunity to settle in while our crew prepares your meals and additional amenities. As a treat for having survived your days as Rough Riders, a night cap will be provide to enjoy your time under the stars. Upon the end of the course, you will be transported back to the city of origin to catch your flight home so you can go brag about the adventures you had.

The Crew


Medic / Trail Boss


Secretary/ Trip Planner/ Cook


Mechanic/ Trail boss


Support Vehicle/ Cook

Shadow of the rockies

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80% unpaved

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Length of trip

5 Days, 4 Nights

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456 miles

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Dates: Augest 5th - 11th

price $3,000 per person

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Shadow of the Rockies itinerary

Day 1 - You will arrive at the airport and be taken to an local home with you will meet the crew and the rest of you fellow rough rides that will be joining you for the trip. you will stay the night. Dinner will be provided.

Day 2 - the morning of day 2 you will be given breakfast and given an over view of the route and a more detailed itinerary. From there you will be taken out of the city by van to the trail where safety and proof of proficiency of the bike will be shown will a small course. That after noon the ride will begin.